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Press release name change iPos into Nuvopos.

The name iPos is renamed into Nuvopos. This name change was prompted by the fact that the name iPos yielded too much confusion in the market. But unlike the change of name suggests, we remain the product and product development at the same high level.
Press release.

iPos is Nuvopos.

Assen, February 13, 2015 - Dutch Solutions announces today that it has changed its product name iPos in Nuvopos. It is emphasized that the current software development for the hospitality and the high quality support 7 days a week is maintained.
iPos after four successful years has established a significant customer base in the Netherlands and abroad. The POS software is well received because it platform independent. For this hospitality companies simply maintain their existing equipment and optionally can expend with standard commercially available hardware. The POS-app can be used on both PCs, tablets and smartphone's. For tablets and smartphone's the IOS operating system, Windows Phone
and Android are being supported.

What can be expected in the future.

The world around us has changed enormous in which there is still more room for specialization. Where hospitality companies in earlier years only considered about buying a POS- and accounting software programs, now we see a wide range of supporting applications. All aimed to make it easier for the hospitality entrepreneur. Our belief is therefore that more specific solutions for each component will be developed. For us this means that we will continue to focus on the further development of the POS software. But will develop links with third-party software solutions. This could include links to accounting programs, table reservation systems and loyalty programs.

New website.

The new name also includes a new corporate identity and website Nuvopos The new corporate identity and name will better suite to the next phase where it enters the point-of-sale market.
For further information please visit the new website, or call us:
Dutch Solutions
Vaart ZZ 25-A
The Netherlands
+31 592 310578

iPad (POS) point of sale system

Pc pos iPos works on all your existing Pc's. The user interface for Pc's is simular as on your iPad or other tablet Pc.
POS and WIFi Wireless communication and synchronization between mobile POS devices is based upon WiFi.
ipod pos system What ever smartphone you would like to use, the iPos (pos) point of sale program supports all common operating systems.

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The next generation
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Mobile point of sale system:
now available on iPod, iPhone,
HTC, Samsung and other
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