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Worldwide, the cheapest and smartest POS system for restaurant, café, bar and coffee shop.

iPad multi user POS point of sale system.

With the iPos point of sale system there are no limitations on the number of connected mobile devices. By using modern web-based techniques we allow you to work with more than 20 mobile devices at the same time. And in all circumstances iPad POS remains stable and very fast.

Every order entry and payment is quickly and safely processed within the point of sale system. At a glance employees have a fully understanding of available- and tables in use, the total ticket and last order per ticket. Per employee the sales-, recieved payments- and working hours are recorded.

iPos is reliable, bullit proof and faster then all traditional (mobile) point of sale system.

iPad (POS) point of sale system

Pc pos iPos works on all your existing Pc's. The user interface for Pc's is simular as on your iPad or other tablet Pc.
POS and WIFi Wireless communication and synchronization between mobile POS devices is based upon WiFi.
ipod pos system What ever smartphone you would like to use, the iPos (pos) point of sale program supports all common operating systems.

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iPod mobile POS, web based pos system, iphone mobile handheld
Simple to use

The next generation
mobile cashregister

Mobile point of sale system:
now available on iPod, iPhone,
HTC, Samsung and other
modern mobile devices and
iPos mobile order system Ridiculous simple mobile cashregister for restaurant Simple and powerful ordering
webapp restaurant, webapp bar, mobile pos restaurant Reliability and local data
point of sales system integrated Integration with other cashregister systems
mobile ordering system restaurant Wireless mobile ordering system
multi-user point of sale system Multi-user system