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Worldwide, the cheapest and smartest iPad POS system for restaurant, café, bar and coffee shop.

iPad Point of sale System

The iPad Point of Sale system by Dutch Solutions allows you to take orders, print invoices and forward orders.

iPos is an innovative iPad Point of Sale system specifically developed for the hospitality industry. It provides a POS solution that is tailored to bars, restaurants, cafe and catering companies.

iPad POS system.

The iPad Point of Sale system by Dutch Solutions offers a different approach to automation in the restaurant, bar, café and catering sector. Are you still skeptical and do you believe that writing down your customers orders is just as easy? Then you may want to read on. You will see that, using iPad point of sale system, your employees can take orders from any table, room or quest without having to write them down. The orders will then be forwarded directly to your cash register, allowing you to see what is ordered and what the turnover is. Also, the orders are forwarded
directly to any kitchen- or bar printer, which means they can be carried out without delay.
This innovation saves time and prevents mistakes. Nothing is forgotten or illegible. Customers with a tab?
There is no more doubt whether or not a bill has been paid.

Please feel free and contact Dutch Solutions for information about our innovative iPad point of sale system.
You can send us an e-mail at h.dubbelhuis@cash-care.nl, or call us at +31 592 310578.

iPad point of sale (POS) system

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iPos: integration with any other POS system
Would you like to integrate the iPos mobile POS system with your existing POS system?.
iPos makes it possible.

iPhone POS | Pos API | POS integration
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Mobile POS integration with CashCare
A example of integration of mobile POS with a traditional and local POS system has been made with the product CashCare POS system. CashCare kassa.
Integrate iPad POS

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