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Byod - bring your own device.

Byod is a new term to indicate that employers ask their employees to bring their own smartphone or tablet to the workplace. For your restaurant it could also be effective to let them use their own smartphone for taking orders and make payments. Smartphones are gadgets and often we see that employees have more modern and better equipped smartdevices than on the floor. In addition to this an employee is often more pleased to work with its own device. If this leads to faster work with less failures the employer will be the last to ban employees smatdevices. This could be a win-win situation for both parties, whereby one can determine whether and to what extent a fee will be given.

The latest iPos app is completely hardware independent and is supported on all modern operating systems like: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS.

No doubt that you can work smarter and cheaper with Byod as a reducing costs of handheld terminals for your restaurant point of sale system.

iPad (POS) point of sale system

Pc pos iPos works on all your existing Pc's. The user interface for Pc's is simular as on your iPad or other tablet Pc.
POS and WIFi Wireless communication and synchronization between mobile POS devices is based upon WiFi.
ipod pos system What ever smartphone you would like to use, the iPos (pos) point of sale program supports all common operating systems.

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Simple to use

The next generation
mobile cashregister

Mobile point of sale system:
now available on iPod, iPhone,
HTC, Samsung and other
modern mobile devices and
iPos mobile order system Ridiculous simple mobile cashregister for restaurant Simple and powerful ordering
webapp restaurant, webapp bar, mobile pos restaurant Reliability and local data
point of sales system integrated Integration with other cashregister systems
mobile ordering system restaurant Wireless mobile ordering system
multi-user point of sale system Multi-user system