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Worldwide, the cheapest and smartest POS system for restaurant, café, bar and coffee shop.

iPad point of sale system for restaurants, bar and cafe

Innovative order- and payment system for the entire hospitality industry. With high-end functionalities for restaurant, coffee shop, cafe, bar, bakery, beach bar and catering companies.

iPos is more than a iPad POS system, its a hardware independent order- and payment system for the entire hospitality industry and works on several operating systems like: IOS, Android, Windows Phone and also on all desktop Pc's.
Now you can choose your favourite device to work with with (iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet, Pc).

There is a variety of print options and distinguished kitchen features. All type of printers are supported!

The cashregister system comes with a bunch of high-end features, which can be tested in the online demo. For both the desktop and iPod we have a POS demo available.

Furthermore there is comprehensive local back office module, with detailed reviews. All reviews are available per day, week, month, quarter and year.

Within seconds you can change your smartdevice, tablet or Pc into a advanced- and bullet proof (mobile) cashregister for your restaurant.

With BYOD employees can work mobile on their own favorite device with this high-end Point Of Sale system.

iPad (POS) point of sale system

pos system for restaurants
iIntegration with any other system
Would you like to integrate iPos with your existing POS system?.
iPos makes it possible.

iPhone | API | Integrated
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Mobile POS integration with CashCare
A example of integration of mobile POS with a traditional and local POS system has been made with the product CashCare system. CashCare kassa.
Integrated system

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Simple to use

The next generation
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Mobile point of sale system:
now available on iPod, iPhone,
HTC, Samsung and other
modern mobile devices and
iPos mobile order system Ridiculous simple mobile cashregister for restaurant Simple and powerful ordering
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point of sales system integrated Integration with other cashregister systems
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